The 2015 Scientific Meeting will be in Lake Buena Vista, FL, May 10-14, 2015, at Walt Disney Dolphin Hotel.


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   Among the current challenges facing Aerospace Medicine practitioners are long-duration space travel, spaceflight physiology, aircrew fatigue, legislative removal of medical standards, aircraft and spacecraft cabin environments, unpiloted aerial vehicles, mental health in aircrew, medical and ethical guidelines for commercial spaceflight passengers and crew, and decreased funding and support. How has our understanding and impact on these and other challenges been improved? What key work filled the knowledge gaps, what research was done in solving a critical problem, what scientific information or activities supported a change in viewpoints or policy?
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Dolphin Hotel Maps

Maps of the Dolphin Hotel are available. These are the meeting spaces that will be used this year. Please click here or click on the image to the left.  More floor plans can be found on the Dolphin's floorplan and map page.