2013 AsMA Fellows Scholarship Winner

2013 AsMA Fellows Scholarship Winner Announced

by Melchor Antuñano, M.D., M.S., Chairman, AsMA Fellows Scholarship Committee

   The AsMA Fellows Scholarship Committee is pleased to announce their selection of the winner of the 2013 scholarship. Adam Sirek, M.D., won the scholarship for his presentation and publication of a manuscript on "Doppler Ultrasound of the Central Retinal Artery in Microgravity."
   The $2,000 AsMA Fellows Scholarship is funded by the AsMA Foundation and is presented annually to an AsMA member who is a student in an aerospace medicine residency program, graduate program in aerospace medicine (Master or Ph.D.), medical certificate or aerospace diploma course, or in a full time education/training program in the allied fields of nursing, physiology, human factors, psychology, ergonomics, and engineering.
   Selection criteria include delivering a slide or poster presentation as a first author at the AsMA Annual Scientific Meeting and then submitting a manuscript as first author for publication in Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine based on the same topic and/or material covered in the slide or poster presentation. The winner is selected by the AsMA Fellows Scholarship Committee based on the high scientific value, originality, quality, and relevance of the candidates' presentations and published manuscripts.