U.S. Army Aviation Medicine Association

Army Aviation Medicine Association (AsMA)

The Army Aviation Medicine Association is the subset of members of the Society of US Army Flight Surgeons that are also members of the Aerospace Medical association (AsMA) and is a Constituent Organization of AsMA with separate Bylaws and governance IAW with the constitution and Bylaws of the Aerospace Medical Association.


The purposes of the Association are to represent the interests of the U.S. Army Aviation Medicine community within the Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA), and to provide a forum in which members of AsMA who are affiliated with Army aviation may gather at the annual AsMA meeting.

The Association shall have similar objectives and purposes to those of the Aerospace Medical Association as outlined in Article II of the AsMA Constitution, and have the objective of furthering the purposes of AsMA within the Association.

The Association shall increase the stature and visibility of U.S. Army aviation medicine as an entity, and increase opportunities for individual U.S. Army flight surgeons to participate in the larger world of international aviation medicine through closer and more direct involvement in the activities of the Aerospace Medical Association.

The Association will sponsor U.S. Army aviation medicine programs presented at the annual meeting of the Aerospace Medical Association.


Members of AsMA who are also members of the Society of U.S. Army Flight Surgeons will automatically be enrolled in the Association unless such membership is specifically declined.

Members of AsMA who are not members of the Society of U.S. Army Flight Surgeons and wish to join the Association must first join the Society as dues-paying full, life, or associate members (as specified in the Society's By-Laws).

President: Nicole Powell-Dunford, M.D.


Contact: Nicole Powell-Dunford, M.D.

URL:  https://sites.google.com/site/societyofusarmyflightsurgeons/aavma

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